In addition to my big game projects at Sidekick, I also love working on new ideas, prototypes and Game Jams. 

Hatebot is a motion-controlled game where players become a giant robot and go on a destructive rampage! A scientist's plan to create a robot capable of love backfires when he accidentally puts in the love chip backwards. The robot becomes hateful and cynical, and proceeds to destroy anything remotely annoying, from double-parked drivers to insurance salesmen.

A motion-controlled space defense game. In Gemini, players control two shield orbs with a forcefield between them. By moving their hands, player stretch, spin and twist the forcefield, deflecting projectiles back at enemies.

Keep Calm
Made for Global GameJam 2013, which had the theme of heartbeats. The theme made me think of polyrhythmic drum beats, which are very challenging (but fun!) to perform. I took this idea and turned it into the game mechanic - the player has to keep up a steady beat with one hand to maintain his courage, represented by angelic light, while creating an alternate beat with the other hand to move around and banish his fears.

BattleBound is a dungeon-crawler RPG with a simple mechanic inspired by the Infectonator games. Players collect heroes and assemble a team of 4, then deploy them in a dungeon where they move automatically to reach their objective.

Note: This was a prototype meant for internal use, and uses borrowed artwork from

game frame.png